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These documents contain information pertaining to the Kitimat Public Library Association. They are for information use only and are not to be distributed or modified without permission.

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TypeFileDescriptionDate Uploaded
PDFMarch 2018May-22-18
PDFJanuary 2018May-22-18
PDFNovember 2017January-16-18
PDFOctober 2017December-1-17
PDFSeptember 2017October-21-17
PDFMay 2017October-21-17
PDFMarch 2017May-15-17
PDFJanuary 2017March-22-17
PDFJanuary 2016March-9-17
PDFMarch 2016March-9-17
PDFJune 2016March-9-17
PDFSeptember 2016March-9-17
PDFNovember 2016March-9-17
PDFDecember 2016March-9-17

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