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Donated Materials

Last Updated November 5, 2020

  We appreciate receiving donated used books and movies however due to a severe lack of storage space we currently only accept the following: Books less than 12-months old in excellent condition (excluding textbooks) DVD Movies of all ages Children’s Books of all ages Items that are not added to the collection are included in

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Last Updated November 5, 2020


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Last Updated September 16, 2020

See our Library hours and contact information.


Last Updated December 9, 2020

  Financial donation Please note that we will generate a receipt for tax purposes for cash donations made to the Kitimat Public Library for items worth $10 or more. Kindly ensure you let staff know your complete name and address and whether you’d like it delivered by mail or you wish to pick it up

Friends of the Library

Last Updated August 27, 2020

Strategic Plan

Last Updated March 9, 2021

Due to the recent global pandemic we felt that our strategic plan should reflect the changes made recently to our priorities and short term goals. To access our updated plan, for years 2021 – 2022, please click here. Thank you!

Annual Reports

Last Updated April 28, 2021

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Job Opportunities

Last Updated August 25, 2021

Currently there are no positions available.

Board Minutes

Last Updated June 25, 2021

Please find below the Board minutes for 2020 & 2021 January 16, 2020 (AGM) April 8, 2020 (Regular Board Meeting) May 27, 2020 (Regular Board Meeting) July 14, 2020 (Regular Board Meeting) October 21, 2020 (Regular Board Meeting) December 2, 2020 (Regular Board Meeting) January 27, 2021 (AGM) January 27, 2021 (Regular Board Meeting) March

Board Members

Last Updated January 30, 2021

Under the British Columbia’s Library Act, public library boards are responsible for determining policies, overseeing the general management of the library and for hiring and evaluating the Library Director. Should you wish to put your name forward as a library trustee, please contact the Library Director for more information. To learn more about the roll