Board Minutes

Last Updated June 25, 2021

Please find below the Board minutes for 2020 & 2021 January 16, 2020 (AGM) April 8, 2020 (Regular Board Meeting) May 27, 2020 (Regular Board Meeting) July 14, 2020 (Regular Board Meeting) October 21, 2020 (Regular Board Meeting) December 2, 2020 (Regular Board Meeting) January 27, 2021 (AGM) January 27, 2021 (Regular Board Meeting) March

Board Members

Last Updated January 30, 2021

Under the British Columbia’s Library Act, public library boards are responsible for determining policies, overseeing the general management of the library and for hiring and evaluating the Library Director. Should you wish to put your name forward as a library trustee, please contact the Library Director for more information. To learn more about the roll