Finding and Borrowing Items & Placing Holds

Last Updated November 30, 2020

  Read Library To Go’s instructions to learn how to find and borrow items (includes a video). Placing Holds How to place a hold. How to check out a title on hold that has become available. How to remove a hold. Find out more: About the Service Compatible Devices eBooks: Downloading to a Computer Downloading to a

Audiobooks: Transferring to an iPod or MP3 Player

Last Updated October 13, 2020

Make sure you’ve downloaded OverDrive’s Media Console to your computer. Open Overdrive Media Console. Click once on the Audiobook you would like to transfer. Click on the “Transfer” button. When the Transfer Wizard opens, connect your device to the computer and follow the steps on the screen. For further help, visit OverDrive’s Help pages: How to transfer

Audiobooks: Downloading to a Computer

Last Updated October 13, 2020

MP3 vs WMA Audiobooks are available in 2 different formats: MP3 and WMA. MP3: Compatible with most devices, including Mac and Windows computers. Can be transferred to iPod or other compatible music players. Can be downloaded directly to mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets) using the OverDrive Media Console app. WMA: Compatible with just

eBooks: Downloading to a Computer

Last Updated October 13, 2020

You can view eBooks on your computer either through your browser, through your free Overdrive app, or by downloading the title to your computer using Adobe Digital Editions. Using Library2Go to Download an eBook In your browser, go to Library2Go, the eBook and audiobook catalogue. Browse or search for books. When you find an item you

eBooks: Downloading to a Tablet or Smartphone

Last Updated November 28, 2020

You can download eBooks and audiobooks directly to your tablet or smartphone using an app – there’s no need for a computer.  With this app, you can only play MP3 audiobooks and read ePub eBooks. Check this list of compatible devices. Download the OverDrive Media Console App (free) If you’ve already downloaded this app, skip ahead

About Library To Go

Last Updated September 14, 2020

  What’s this service called? It’s called Library To Go and is a provincially-run service.  Sometimes, the service is referred to as OverDrive because that’s the name of the software used to run it. You may also hear about the Libby app—this and the OverDrive app are two ways you can access Library To Go on mobile

Download eBooks and Audiobooks from Library2go

Last Updated November 5, 2020

  Browse a collection of eBooks and audiobooks and download them to your computer or mobile device to enjoy when you want, where you want.       About the Service Compatible Devices eBooks: Downloading to a Computer Downloading to a Tablet or Smartphone Transferring eBooks to an eReader (Kobo, Nook or other Compatible Device)