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Legal Information

Plain Language Resources

  • Aboriginal Legal Aid: Legal aid help specific to Indigenous populations.
  • BC Court Forms: Contains all BC court forms. Supreme Court forms can be listed numerically by clicking the link under the compatibility instructions.
  • Civil Resolution Tribunal: Online tribunal for resolving motor vehicle injury disputes up to $50,000, small claims up to $5000, strata property disputes of any amount, societies and cooperative associations disputes of any amount and shared accommodation and housing disputes up to $5000.
  • Clicklaw: A directory of plain language legal resources in BC. The most useful sections for library staff are “Solve Problems” (centre of the home page), HelpMap (top-right) and Common Questions (bottom)
  • Clicklaw Wikibooks: Online plain language legal books on the familiar wiki platform. Wikibooks are written collaboratively by lawyers and advocates. All information is reviewed for accuracy and currency. Easy navigation and the ability to save and print sections.
  • JP Boyd on Family Law: One of the most popular wikibooks. A great resource for questions about Family Law such as: separation and divorce, child support and custody and family violence. Also has definitions (Getting Started) and Supreme and Provincial court forms with completed examples (Court Forms & Documents).
  • MyLawBC: Guided pathways to walk people through a number of legal issues: Separation, Divorce & Family Matters: Make a separation plan, Get family orders, I’ve been served with a court document; Abuse & Family Violence: Make a safety plan; Missed Mortgage Payments: Get help with foreclosure; Wills & Personal Planning: Make a will, Plan for the future
  • Nidus: Provides resources on personal planning (planning for incapacity or end-of-life).
  • People’s Law School: Provides step-by-step guidance for everyday legal issues such as: consumer, home & neighbours, money & debt, work, cars, health and more. The Frequently Asked Questions are also helpful.

More BC Resources

  • Access Pro Bono - access to justice for individuals and non-profit organizations of limited means throughout BC with programs designed to make it easy to obtain legal help.
  • BC Laws - Free public access to the Statutes & Regulations of B.C.
  • Courthouse Libraries B.C. - Provides legal information resources and information services, both for members of the legal community and the public.
  • Dial-A-Law - Provided by the Canadian Bar Association, this is a library of scripts prepared by lawyers on a variety of popular legal topics.
  • Family Law in BC - Self-help guides with step-by-step instructions on topics such as how to file for a divorce and lots of fact sheets on other family law topics such as grandparents' rights, custody, access, divorce, child support, etc.
  • JusticeBC provides general information on criminal and family law in British Columbia, including special sections addressing the particular needs of victims, witnesses, family members, accused etc., and many links to family law resources and services provided by government.
  • PovNet - Applications & Forms (EI, Disability, etc.). Good resource for lower income individuals.
  • The Representative for Children and Youth - Legal Resources - Legal information resources designed to provide B.C. children, youth, and the people helping them with legal issues with information about relevant resources